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Maintain goodwill with your team by providing outplacement services

Outplacement Services

The Problems

To address shifts in the market, companies must pivot quickly. Examples include automating routine tasks in order to downsize staff, investing heavily in new product innovation while maintaining legacy solutions with minimal investment, and synergizing similar positions during an M&A.

As a result of necessary pivots, reduction-in-force activity is inevitable in today’s business environment. Even so, most managers dread selecting individuals to layoff. Gone are the days when a reduction-in-force culled poor talent out of the organization. Often, today’s managers must select high-performing employees in a layoff due to position elimination.

Additionally, managers are human beings who have emotions. Layoffs are gut-wrenching, emotional ordeals. As such, many managers make mistakes when delivering downsizing messages, which could result in legal action taken by employees against the company. Therefore, it is essential managers are trained on implementing a layoff compassionately with minimal liability.

The aftermath of a layoff affects remaining employees. Often, a surge of resumes flood the market after a company does a layoff. Remaining employees feel they are on shaky ground.

And once a course correction occurs, businesses often want to entice former employees back. To be able to do that, layoffs must be conducted respectfully and compassionately.

Employers can maintain goodwill with employees by providing affected employees with outplacement services. Doing so benefits both the employer, separated employees and remaining employees.

Company-sponsored outplacement services come with inherent benefits to the corporation:

  • Fostering trust with remaining employees, thus lowering voluntary attrition.
  • Building goodwill with separated employees. As business objectives change, you may want to recruit some of these employees back into your company.
  • Reducing costs of unemployment claims.
  • Preserving effective recruiting of target candidates.
  • Protecting your company’s brand, both internally and externally.
  • Mitigating negative online reviews, including Glassdoor ratings.
  • Demonstrating to the market, investors, and customers that you walk the talk of your corporate culture and you are dedicated to the success of separated employees.

Our Solutions

outplacement services

Outplacement & Career Transition Services


Dedicated, 1-On-1 Coaching


Helping employees navigate complex emotions related to outbound transitioning, thus restoring confidence in their skills and abilities.


Uncovering employees’ professional goals and building a focused plan to achieve those goals.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Building a strategic and tactical approach to overcome skill and experience gaps.

Developing a Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand that markets the employee’s strengths and conveys relevant value propositions to potential employers.

Navigating the Career Landscape

Helping employees understand job boards, expanding their professional network and joining applicable industry affiliations.

Preparing for Job Interviews

Preparing employees for in-person and digital interviews, including best practices. Combating ageism.

Negotiating Salary

Empowering employees to know their worth, understanding market demand for a given position, and conducting effective salary negotiations.

Career Artifacts

Career Documents

Writing critical career artifacts following industry best practices of the Resume Writing Academy and Career Directors. Options include providing a stellar resume, cover letter, thank you letter, bio and case studies.

Digital Age Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Teaching employees to optimize their resumes, to get past the ATS, increase their match score and improve their rank against their competition.


Writing compelling value statements on the employee’s resume that grab the recruiter’s attention within a 3-5 second timeframe.


Ensuring employees stand out from their competition by quantifying their accomplishments.

Enterprise Executive Services

enterprise executive services

Wayfinder consultants have extensive business and technology acumen, along with an M&A background that uniquely positions us to coach executives to their full protentional, accelerating their time to value with the investors.

When private equity (PE) firms purchase companies, they evaluate current executives, including owners, for leadership positions in the acquired company. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complicated, and deal synergies must be achieved within 3 to 5 years. That puts a lot of pressure on the executive team of the new company.

The owner of the acquired company, who used to be accountable only to himself/herself, is now accountable to a board of directors and investors. Continued growth and improved EBITDA are expected as well.

Seldom does the PE firm invest in coaching these new executives to grow small-sized business operators into sophisticated C-level executives.

When uncoached, the tenure of the acquired executives can be less than 2 years in the new company, with the PE firm then embarking on an expensive executive search.

The PE firm didn’t place an incompetent executive in the senior leadership role of a merged company. The prior owners and leaders needed coaching to expand their skills and capabilities.

In the new company, the culture has changed. Revenue targets have changed. Employee engagement has changed. Current customers must be retained, and new customers added. Investor reports must be compiled, including sales and customer retention forecasts.

Many of these industry best practices are foreign to the previous owner, who operated via spreadsheets and QuickBooks for small businesses.

The newly appointed leader must pivot from a private owner of a small company to the CEO of a larger company. He/she must adapt. Coaching and training can accelerate the time to acquire new skills as well as increase the productivity of this evolving leader.

Professional Presence on Social Media

  • Executive’s Social Media Presence: Evaluating their current social media presence and activity and recommending changes to optimize their social persona.
  • Executive’s LinkedIn Presence: Providing executives with a detailed document that guides them to achieve All Star status as well as optimizing their LinkedIn profile.
professional presence on social media
career planning

Career Planning

We help executives in their career journey by:

  • Aligning business and/or technical acumen with corporate strategy, board management, analyst relations and investor management.
  • Articulating succinct and impactful results, such as revenue and market growth, EBITDA performance, customer success metrics and employee enablement programs.
  • Demonstrating innovative thinking by emphasizing new market and product/services growth strategies.
  • Turning around negative company performance, especially if recruited to be a Turnaround CEO.
  • Conducting fund-raising, private placement offerings and strategic sale of companies.
  • Underscoring M&A experience that generates inorganic growth. Accentuating achievement of deal synergies. Seamlessly transitioning platform companies and add-ons into a healthy corporate culture.
  • Highlighting board positions, speaking engagements and professional affiliations.

Executive and management coaching can be tailored to each company and department. Here are a few examples of our business optimization services:

Transforming Small Business Owners
High-Performing CEOs

Facilitating Strategy Development
to Align with
Corporate Strategy, Goals and Execution

Conducting Analyst Relations
Preparing for Investor Demands

Preparing Executives
to Develop and Enact
Servant Leadership Strategies

Assessing Personality Traits
to Help Managers
Communicate Effectively

Coaching Managers
on Conducting Layoffs
Ethically, Compassionately and Safely

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