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Our Value Proposition

Life is all about transitions. At Wayfinder, we help you navigate the changes you are facing. You are more than your resume. You are a unique individual who possesses a depth of core competencies, accomplishments and strengths.

Our Key Differentiators

Working with you, we create a plan that prepares you for this important next step in your career with confidence and hope.
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Resume Experts
We provide a personal, hands-on approach. Expert humans (not Bots) write your career documents and coach you through complex career decisions.
Following industry best practices and technology trends, we teach you the secret sauce to navigating the online applicant process with integrity and truthfulness.
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We help you achieve your career goals.


Understand your current career situation in relation to your desired destination.


Uncover your options and select routes that lead toward your career goals.

Personal Branding

Identify your accomplishments, create a personal brand and market your strengths.


Build career documents, prepare for interviews and negotiate your worth.


Develop compelling value statements to grab the recruiter’s attention within 3-5 seconds.

Resume Optimizing

Optimize your resume to the job description. Rank well in the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and impress the recruiter and hiring team.

With recognized credentials and decades of experience helping clients, we combine technology and best practices to deliver exceptional career services with care and compassion. Your success is our success.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Your resume must be modernized and adapted to Application Tracking Software (ATS).

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Who Uses ATS?

>90% of companies today use ATS to screen applicants against job descriptions.

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How Does ATS Work?

You are ranked against your competition based on your ATS score.

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Why Does the ATS Score Matter?

If you do not score high enough, the recruiter may not see you.

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Why Is ATS Optimization Important?

You could be missing out on numerous opportunities because your resume is not optimized to the job description.