Career Coaching

A 1-on-1 Approach For Helping You Achieve Goals

Wayfinder’s professional career coaches have years of experience helping candidates navigate the life changes they are facing. Perhaps you are currently employed but bored with your position and ready for a change. Or you are a parent returning to the workforce after an extended absence. Maybe you just graduated from college and are worried about lack of previous professional experience. Perhaps you are Baby Boomer trying to figure out how to position yourself among Generation X and Millennial competitors. And if you’ve been laid off, you may be dealing with added feelings of despair and depression.

Our coaches give you the tools to move forward no matter the current challenges or concerns you face. Our coaches are experienced HR executives trained in HR and Talent Management best practices, serving companies on both a national and global scale. These coaches help you address a broad range of career challenges, from determining next steps in your career to interviewing skills to post-hiring assimilation.

Working with you, we create a plan that prepares you for this important next step in your career with confidence and hope.

Face-to-Face Video Consultation

One of our career coaches will meet with you face-to-face using our video business conference system. Your career coach will get to know you better and create a real connection with you. Additionally, video conferencing provides your career coach an opportunity to observe how you relate and express yourself when speaking with others.

Face-to-Face Video Consultation
Needs Assessment or Personality Assessment

Needs Assessment or Personality Assessment

Your career coach will administer a needs assessment to identify what you want and/or need in your work life and workplace. If you already have clarity on your career needs, you can opt for a personality assessment, which helps you explore careers in line with your strengths, skills, values and beliefs. This assessment also helps you understand how you relate to others, which can be especially beneficial during the interview process.

How It Works


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Face-to-Face Consultation

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Career Coaching Modules

It’s easy to get started by choosing one of our 5 pre-defined coaching modules. You may customize your coaching session, including seeking leadership coaching, team building coaching or other business level coaching topics.

Finding Your Path

  • Create your big picture
  • Stay or leave
  • Work/life balance
  • Visualization board
  • Career testing
  • Self-assessment/analysis
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Strengths/weaknesses
  • Re-focus direction
  • Making career decisions
  • Going back to school
  • Understand yourself and how you relate to others

Job Search

  • Strategy
  • Tactical steps
  • Online presence
  • Personal branding
  • Networking
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Unconventional Approaches
  • Job search resources


  • Making the right first impression
  • Interview skills
  • Mock interview (Technical & Behavioral)
  • Research (Questions, Company, Team)
  • Salary negotiation
  • Reading the room
  • Virtual
  • In person


  • Thank you letters
  • Recruiter follow up
  • Processing feedback
  • Coping with rejection


  • Onboarding
  • Thriving skills
  • Progressing career
  • Negotiating the workplace




1 Hour of Coaching
Covers 1 module
Can be tailored to your specific needs



1 Hour of Coaching
Covers 1 module
Tailored to work with an experienced executive coach

Save 25%



3 1-Hour Sessions
Covers up to 3 modules
Tailored to your specific needs

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Wayfinder Career Services has been helping me secure my first job and has been SO HELPFUL. They are very responsive to email and always willing to help. The writer is very knowledgeable of the current job market and I would recommend Wayfinder to anyone looking to get some advice and guidance in job searching.

Kelse | Graduating Student

I engaged Wayfinder’s help to restructure my resume and revive my career search. They did a fantastic job creating a new resume, but equally important, taught me the skills necessary to adapt the resume, as needed, to meet certain job description criteria. Wayfinder was professional, prompt, and very pleasant to work with! I was unsuccessful with another agency before seeking XPM2’s assistance. Their help was worth every penny!

Mike Psq. Account Manager

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