Joan Seavey

Joan Saunders

Career Coach

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I am a career, job and leadership coach with deep experience assisting clients navigating job and career shifts. As a results-oriented professional, I help clients at all stages of their career identify the job they want, plan next steps toward acquiring that job and execute on that plan. I specialize in meeting my clients where they are and helping plan a path to their future.

In addition to coaching, I have experience as a college professor, writer, business and nonprofit executive, consultant and entrepreneur. I work with clients across industries, from aerospace, government and tech to health care and entrepreneurship. My expansive background allows me to pivot easily and help my clients think strategically about next steps.

Whether you would like to change career tracks, find the next opportunity in your chosen field or start your own business, I invite you to work with me. I am passionate about helping clients find their next great adventure. Every person has unique skill sets and approaches to their life and career. I respect what you bring to the table and am excited to help you discover what you are looking for next.

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